Cash On Delivery Available



It is important for us to have our members satisfied, so, we try to ensure that the details of the deals are as accurate and clear as possible.
  • Each deal has its details and Fine Print and Terms. It is your responsibility to carefully read all information related to the deal and Voucher before you buy it so you ensure it fully suits your requirements, needs and time availability, because vouchers are non-refundable, especially if they are used or expired.

  • Giving a Voucher to a friend: If you cannot use your voucher before its expiry date, you can give it to a friend to use it. Remember that vouchers can be used by anyone, unless stated otherwise on the voucher.

  • In case you faced any problem in redeeming your Voucher by the Merchant, please let us know immediately. If the Merchant didn’t redeem your Voucher for no valid reason, Valubil might be able to refund the Voucher with Store Credits into your account.

  • Expired or used vouchers are non-refundable, in any case.

  • Each Product has its details and Fine Print and Terms. Please, read all information related to the product you want to buy to make sure it suits your requirements, specifications and needs.
  • If you receive a defected product, please call us immediately to arrange for replacing the product. You should not use the product and you should also keep its original packaging including the receipt, all documents papers, accessories and part. In case, we do not have the product anymore, we will credit your account with store credits equivalent to the price of the product. 
  • Please note that in case you didn’t call us within 3 days from delivery date, we apologize we will not be able to return or replace it. 
  • Out of Stock Items: If the Item ordered is out of stock, we will notify you within 1 day from purchase day. In case you have already paid for the item, we will fully refund you

Please, understand orders and purchases cannot be cancelled. This is why we ask you to read all details of the deals before you buy them to make sure they suit your requirements, specifications, needs and time availability.