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Vegan Cooking Online Course

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  • Vegan Cooking Course

    JOD 75 JOD 10.99

    Free PDF certificate upon course completion 

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This course is proof that you don't need meat or dairy to cook tasty food! Feed your body only the best, most nutritious whole foods

It includes a step-by-step video that shows you
 how to create healthy whole food meals 

You’ll Learn How To:
  • heal your health with a simple & delicious whole food lifestyle
  • prepare delicious whole food recipes your family & friends will love
  • use fresh ingredients that you can find at your local shop (no running to multiple stores)
  • quit refined sugar & learn how to use natural sweeteners like maple syrup & fruit
  • save time with simple kitchen tips and tricks
  • understand how each meal is nourishing you
  • make simple ingredient substitutions to cater to dietary requirements
  • cook healthy food that bring you more energy
  • store leftovers to keep it for longer
  • use new flavor combinations from around the world
Some Benefits to Wholefood Cooking:

  • More energry during the day & better sleep at night
  • Clear glowing skin
  • Stay healthy (whole food diets help reduce the risk of many diseases & cancers)
  • Stay nourished without paying a lot of money (easy ingredients found at your local shop or are already in your kitchen)
  • Loose weight, cut out sweets & reduce food cravings
  • Better digestion, less constipation and gut issues
  • Feel more emotionally, mentally & physically balanced
  • No more artificial anything (just pure food that way nature intended it to be)
  • no fad diet or food fast (eating doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated)
  • good fats! (wholefood cooking contains healthy fats that are good for your health)
  • dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free and nut-free options (there are substitutions for everything!)
  • increased satisfaction (you’ll be getting all the nutrients you need to feel more satisfied)
  • feel more connected (to the earth, farmers, your friends and family and yourself!)
Certification: Once you’ve successfully completed your course and passed the exams, you’ll receive your certification
Click here for details about the Course
For info: +962 770532727

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